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Aronia melanocarpa


 Aronia melanocarpa

exotic spices - medicinal plants - exotic spices - medicinal plants

Aronia melanocarpa
Black chokeberry   
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Fruit: Showy Fruit, Edible Fruit. 
Wildlife: Attracts Birds. 
Type: Deciduous shrub. 
Native Range: Eastern North America. 
Max 1m. 
Bloom Time: May. 
Sun: Full sun to part shade. 
Tolerant of wide range of soils. 

Aronia melanocarpa as a medicinal plant. 
Aronia melanocarpa fruits are one of the richest plant sources of phenolic substances, mainly anthocyanins--glycosides of cyanidin.
Anthocyanins are water soluble pigments accounting for the dark blue and even black color of the fruits. 
Administered orally they can be absorbed as intact glycosides. 

Aronia melanocarpa fruit juice and anthocyanins derived from the fruits have been studied intensively for the last 15 years. 

Most of the effects of Aronia melanocarpa anthocyanins are due to their high antioxidative activity. 

Currently, there are no data in literature about any unwanted and toxic effects of Aronia melanocarpa fruits, juice and extracts.

Aronia Bonsai

exotic spices - medicinal plants - exotic spices - medicinal plants

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