Crosne, Stachys affinis


Crosne,  Stachys affinis
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Stachys affinis  -15°C
Japanese artichoke
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exotic spices - medicinal plants

Stachys affinis  -15°C
Japanese artichoke

Crosne, originating from China. Its rhizome can be grown and eaten as a root vegetable.
The flavor of the stem tubers is delicate,
and they can be prepared similarly
to Jerusalem artichokes in cooking.

It is used as a vegetable, in salad compositions,
but more so as a garnish.

It has a nutty flavor.

In Chinese and Japanese cuisine,
the Chinese artichoke is primarily pickled.

In particular, its tuber is a part of Osechi, cooked for celebrating Japanese New Year.

Dyed red by leaves of red shiso after being pickled,
it is called chorogi.

In French cuisine,
its cooked tuber is often served
alongside dishes named japonaise or Japanese-styled.

exotic spices - medicinal plants