Wasabi red


Wasabi red
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Wasabi green
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Wasabi red

Wasabi at the nursery 5.50 euros in 9cm pot.
Be careful when the wasabi grows, the price grows with it.

The plant grows to a height of 60 to 75 centimeters
and has white flowers.
The root of wasabi is mainly used.

Fresh wasabi is the only real wasabi.

Wasabi from the supermarket contains other ingredients
the one in taste
come close to wasabi.

Supermarket wasabi mainly contains horseradish,
mustard, radish and green food coloring.

The supermarket wasabi can already taste good
but the real wasabi tastes even better.

 Fresh Wasabi has a delicate taste,
slightly sweet and creamy and light green in color,
almost pastel green,
and not comparable to the Wasabi from tubes.

Wasabi red