Stevia - sugarleaf

Stevia - sugar plant
Not hardy
Still moist.
Lots of light.

Stevia plant, low in calories and sweeter than sugar.

The leaves of this plant is naturally concentrate sweetener made: stevioside,
has a sweetening power 200-300x sweeter than sugar.
Energy: Stevia has no calories, so it provides 0 calories per gram.

Stevioside is stable at a temperature of 95 ° C.
This makes it suitable as a sweetener for boiled and baked goods.

The concentration in the leaves is about 15% ..

Quote from Professor Jan Geuns who leads the lab for Functional Biology, K.Universiti Leuven (Belgium)

"Compared with stevia sugar has almost no negative traits."
The advantages of stevioside as a dietary supplement in place of sugar are great.

It is stable, which means that the chemical structure, also at high temperatures does not change.
Sugar does this: it caramelise when you bake, which makes various carcinogenic substances.

Caramelization is a widely used process in the food, but it is silent about the consequences as death. "

"Other major benefits of stevia are that no or very few calories and not bad for the teeth.

That you can use Stevia for diabetics and obese people also opens great perspectives.

High concentrations of stevioside reduced blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

The concentrations of lipids and glucose in subjects do not show any significant change in intake of stevioside.

Also, stevioside some promising properties that may be useful in the treatment of diabetes of type 2.
Moreover, there are no side effects of known, "said Professor Geuns conclusion.

The benefits of stevia in a row:
-A completely natural product (non-synthetic).
-The leaves can be used in their natural state.
-Due to the enormous sweetening power should be only small amounts of use.
-Stevioside (the sweetener) contains absolutely no calories.
-The plant is non-toxic.
-Both the leaves as the pure stevioside extract can be cooked.
-No bitter after-taste in contrast to other non-caloric sweeteners.
-Heat stable to 200 ° C and not fermentable (caramelization).
-Clinically tested and widely used by people without adverse effect.
-Ideal and non-addictive sweetener for children.