Of the Sapindus Mukorossi Detergent
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Indian Soapnut
perfect detergent
100% vegetable detergent, and environmentally friendly.
Completely biodegradable.
Skin-friendly, recommended for people with allergies and skin problems.

Also be used as:

-All Purpose Cleaner: Soapnut-extract to replace a chemical cleaner for kitchen and bathroom.

When washing.

Hair Shampoo: An extract from Soapnuts give a shampoo, with lasting impact on dandruff. For people with allergies and sensitive scalp.

Skin Care-liquid soap with a highly concentrated extract Soapnut.

Pesticide-against pests in plants, with an infusion of Soapnut extract.

The scales contain the active ingredient, saponin, known for its cleaning power, which is released on contact with water.

When the shells are soft spongy they are developed.
Soapnuts are the shells of the nuts of the soap nut tree.
The nuts are in India for centuries used to do laundry.

Soap trees are attacked by insects, in order to protect themselves against this tree provides the skin its tone of a pollutant for insects, saponin, a natural defense mechanism against predation.

Soapnuts are suitable for white and colored laundry.

Soapnuts Source Wikipedia
less damage to clothes (less waserosie)

very environmentally friendly.
After use, the scales may in the garden as mulch or compost
Excellent results in dandruff, scalp problems and hair loss when used as shampoo.
source Wikipedia